Common Queries

What makes Sanjana Fitness different and why should I train with you?

Great question! Sanjana Fitness was created by a former Army Master Fitness Trainer and Master Resilience Trainer who has also been a Certified Personal Trainer for about a decade. These days, Sam is immersed in the spiritual and anatomical study of yoga, and competing in The National Physique Committee (NPC)'s body building competitions in the bikini category. Sam's Army skillset, extensive and varied training, experience on the competition stage and deep study of both yoga philosophy and positive psychology allow Sanjana Fitness to offer training value to your fitness experience that you will not find elsewhere. All trainers are have current, accredited certifications and verified before training clients. Everything we teach is based on the most current, peer-reviewed exercise science research available. We don't teach Instagram gimmicks, unhealthy restriction, or toxic relationships with fitness, food, or mindfulness. We WILL deliver the results you're looking for, based on YOUR goals, schedule and equipment. 

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

In the same way that your equipment needs should match your fitness goals, so should your program. We will design a program that works with what you have at home. If your conditioning level dictates the need for more equipment, we'll evaluate that and inform you before the start of the program. Programs can also be designed for your preferred gym.

How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

Virtual training gives you the opportunity to train from anywhere. As we move toward a more virtual world, we wanted to accommodate those who prefer the privacy and comfort of a private, one-on-one training environment. All of our trainers are certified and nationally accredited and receive monthly supplemental training based on Samantha's train-the-trainers business model. Not only do we have certified civilian trainers, our trainers are also prepared to help train United States soldiers, potential recruits, and Veterans prepare for the ACFT. But does virtual personal training really work? Find out here.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Because nutrition is equally as important as exercise in creating sustainable health plans, we offer some nutrition guidance free of charge. Note that some states do not allow the creation of diet plans unless the CPT is also a Registered Dietician. Still, we will give you the most comprehensive foundational nutritional knowledge and resources available to us, and help you learn to make smart nutritional decisions for a healthier life.

How will you determine which fitness plan is right for me?

We make sure that every client gets introduced to Sanjana Fitness through a narrative. Not only do we first consider your fitness goals, we assess your current fitness level and create progress point markers for continued success. We also consider your holistic health needs and available equipment.

I'm a personal trainer. Is Sanjana Fitness hiring?

Want to be a part of the movement toward holistic wellness for all of your clients? Certified personal trainers who are highly qualified and want to train virtually can benefit from the Sanjana Fitness platform. We handle all the marketing and leads and you never have to sell packages or work on commission. We also use a train-the-trainer approach so you can supplement your own exercise science and nutrition knowledge with free professional development. Because Sam is driven to disempower Capitalism, we operate as a Worker's Self-Directed Enterprise (WSDE).  Want to know more? Send an inquiry with your resume to and we will be in touch!

  • Meet Sanjana Fitness

    Every month
    A 3-month intro to us, our training style, and our values.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 24 one-on-one virtual training or yoga sessions
    • Unlimited Sunday morning yoga class
    • A customized training plan for you to keep
    • Nutritional guidance and planning*
    • Subscriber access to our online health and wellness library
  • 6 month plan

    Every month
    A custom, goal-focused training commitment.
    Valid for 6 months
    • A dedicated trainer for 48 virtual sessions over 6 months
    • Customizable scheduling that can be tailored to your goals
    • Sport or activity-specific lifestyle coaching
    • Unlimited access to Sunday morning yoga classes
    • Unlimited access to online video and library content
    • Self myofascial release training for recovery
    • Basic introduction to biomechanics and exercise physiology
    • Emphasis on mindful movement and proper techniques
  • Commitment To You

    Every month
    A long-term, structured training plan with dedicated trainer
    Valid for 12 months
    • Initial training assessment and evaluation based on goals
    • A dedicated trainer, available 7 days per week for questions
    • 96 virtual training sessions + 4 additional free sessions
    • Unlimited Sunday morning yoga class access
    • A customized training plan assessed every 3 months
    • Careful progress tracking over 12 months
    • Unlimited access to online wellness & video content library
    • Use any number of training days for one-on-one yoga