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Our Story

Sanjana Fitness is a woman-founded and employee-owned health and wellness business with the goal of guiding you on your fitness journey. We believe that change begins from the inside and that society reflects each of us. "Sanjana" means "gentle" and "creator," exemplifying respect for the physical self and the power you have to create change from within. Every story is important, and everybody is a temple. A positive mindset can affect not only your body but also your health. It can help you shape the world around you. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge you need to continue your lifelong fitness journey. As you grow, we grow together.

We're also America's first socialist fitness business, whose workers own the means of production. Our anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist philosophies mean that we take ownership of the organization and communities we're building. We believe that it's possible to pay workers a living wage, create a harmonious work-life balance, offer some agency in the companies we work for, and fill our own cups first. In doing so, we can continue offering love and free resources to our communities and America and set an example for what a post-capitalist workforce could look like.

We're unlike any fitness brand or business you've ever worked with. We're innovative, professional, compassionate, and excited to serve our clients every day. We can't wait to work with you. 

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Meet our Team of Virtual Personal Trainers
and Nutrition Experts

Hi, I'm Trae

I have over 12 years of experience in guiding individuals toward healthier fitness and nutrition habits. I'm deeply passionate about holistic health and wellness, and I've dedicated my career to helping clients like you achieve their goals. With a Bachelor of Science in human nutrition and foods from Southern University A & M College, along with culinary arts certifications from Instituto Hemingway and New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute, I've cultivated a unique blend of expertise as a fitness trainer, nutrition consultant, and chef. My mission as a personal trainer is to empower individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic health and wellness. Through personalized training programs, nutritional guidance, and unwavering support, I aim to inspire and motivate each client to reach their fitness goals, unlock their full potential, and cultivate a profound appreciation for their body and its capabilities. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Sanjana Fitness Logo in Gold
Sam Your Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert
Sanjana Fitness Logo in Gold

Hi, I'm Sam.

I started Sanjana fitness as a passion project as I grew my personal training clientele and fitness experience. I have been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2015 and am a former US Army Master Fitness Trainer. I take a holistic approach to health and wellness, respecting the body as a system which includes the mind and soul. In March of 2020, like many others, I transitioned my career to a completely virtual training platform. I also fell in love with and began incorporating yoga and meditation into my clients' programs as well as my own. I've competed in the NPC bikini division, and know how to set clients up for success when meeting aesthetic, strength, flexibility, and mobility goals, no matter their age. I love to teach, learn, read, travel, and spend time in nature. My mission is to leave the world a more empowered, compassionate place than I found it and to help each and every one of my clients find the same joy, inspiration, and gratitude in the fitness journey that I've found.

Our Virtual Personal Trainers Specialize In:

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Senior Programming

  • Building Flexibility and Mobility

  • Nutrition Coaching 

  • Culinary Arts in Nutrition

  • Plant-Based Nutrition

  • Corrective Exercises

  • Agility for Athletes 

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Dance Instruction/Dance Cardio

  • HIIT & Pilates Classes

What Does Socialism Have to Do with Virtual Personal Training?

We're so glad you asked. Sanjana Fitness is America's first (but hopefully not last) virtual personal training solution that is also anti-Capitalist. That just means that we envision a democratically-run economy in America and the world, and we are prepared to model that. In our business model, each of us takes ownership and collaboration in building the type of company we'd like to work for. We're guaranteed a living wage, and we decide together what to do with the company's profits. What does that mean for you as a client? Not much, unless you like to vote with your dollars and you, too hope for a more democratic and equitable future. One that addresses issues like racial injustice, climate exploitation, and the oppression of the working class (the 99 percent of us that don't own the means of production). On the surface, you'll receive training from personal trainers whose work-life balance, mental health, agency, and professional development come first. What that means is that you'll always be meeting with a trainer who loves their job and has the time and resources for a more balanced, less restrictive life. That translates to calmer, more educated, better-developed trainers for the same competitive rates as our capitalist competitors. 

How Can I Support a More Equitable and Democratic Economic Model?

If you're inspired by our business model and you own a business, consider relinquishing the rights to the capital surplus and distributing it among your workforce. This combined with transparency in business finance and agency in company decisions can help redistribute America's wealth and support the needs of your staff. 

If you're part of the working class like we are, demand more from your employers and the businesses you interact with. Find out whether your favorite brands pay a living wage, support the needs of their workforce, and allow employees to be rewarded for their hard work, instead of hoarding profits. Remember, capitalists need the working class (you and I) much more than you need them. Withholding labor or threatening to withhold labor is a powerful bargaining tool. 

Why Does Sanjana Fitness Employ a Socialist Business Model?

There are many reasons we believe in socialist economics. First, because capitalism requires constant growth and the exploitation of a disenfranchised working class (with people of color, immigrants, indigenous folks, and those in less wealthy nations suffering exponentially worse) as well as the exploitation of the planet. As long as capitalism remains the economic model of America, the richest country in the world, it will remain the global economic model. This model is unsustainable and will certainly fast track us to the downfall of civilization. Socialism is just a democratic economy, in which goods and services are produced to meet the needs of the people, not to make a small percentage of capitalists as rich as possible. We're not here to get rich. We're here to listen to our clients' needs, to meet those needs, to offer as many free resources to our communities as possible, and to work from a foundation of great mental health that only a living wage and harmonious work-life balance can deliver.

How Can I Support You If I Can't Afford Training?

If you're interested in personal training but can't afford it right now, we understand. Take advantage of our many free resources by becoming a site member. There, you'll have access to a free Sunday yoga class, healthy recipes, long-form content, and unlimited access to our library of free recorded yoga videos. Plus, we offer free consultations and programming so you can get started on your own, no matter what equipment you have or lack and what your goals are. 

If you want to support us but don't have the financial means to do so, you can follow us on Instagram and TikTok, promote our mission to your friends and colleagues, ask your employer to book group wellness events with us, or just get in touch with Sam to connect. Thanks so much for reading and for supporting the ideal of a more just and democratic society. 

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