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Your in-home personal training solution

Your Online Personal Training Solution

A Holistic Training Approach For Body & Mind

Sanjana Fitness believes in a whole-self, body-as-a-system approach to holistic health and wellness. We treat mental and physical health as codependent because the mind thrives within a sound body, and ambitious goals can only be met with positive inner dialogue. We aim to lead you on a customized journey of strength and confidence-building and empower you with the tools for a long, healthy life. We can't wait to meet you.

Our In Home Personal Training Clients Love Us!

Bo S.

"I have trained with Samantha and others and she is hands down the best I’ve worked with. Not only does she exude positive energy, she is extremely knowledgeable in fitness, exercise form, body mechanics, and diet. Her positive attitude helps get me through the toughest of workouts. I highly recommend Samantha!!"

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    Let's talk about your goals and build a plan to keep you on track.

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    Meet with our nutrition expert and get customized nutrition advice wit...

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    Great for tech-savvy clients who want an at-home workout that works.

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    Virtual group yoga, free for all site members. Register ahead here.


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    A gentle introduction to movement medicine that adapts as you do.

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    Yoga that fits your group's combined needs. Make it a yoga date!

  • Want to train in your own home? In-person training has your back.

Meet our team of expert online fitness trainers 

Our online personal trainers are all certified and credentialed in a variety of specialties. Read more about our in-home personal training team by clicking the links below.





Esther Noemi Personal Fitness Trainer
How Virtual and In Home Training with Sanjana Fitness Works

Your personal online fitness instructors make meeting your health and wellness goals easy. Start with a free consultation and training program, yours to keep, free. 

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